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    • China electronic construction equipment and materials centralized procurement platform electronic key handling instructions
    • Welcome to handle the electronic key of the centralized purchasing platform of China electric power construction equipment。

      ONE、Process of handling

      In order to facilitate the electronic key of China Electric Power Construction and acquisition platform supplier, the processing flow is explained.

      The online application process for electronic key is as follows:

      1. Visit https://ec.powerchina.com,choose“CA Handle”Modular。

      2. According to the prompt, download the application form and fill in the application form。

      3. After the application is completed, payment of the electronic key will be paid according to the payment information. No on-site payment will be accepted. (payment information is shown in the second part: electronic key fee standard)。

      4.Certificate application procedures for enterprise users and individual business owners (official seal)

      1Unit seal or complete《Unit number certificate application form》and 《personal digital certificate application form》《Letter of authorization of legal representative》 《Power of attorney》(Two copies and the official seal of the unit);

      2A copy of the organization code certificate, business license and tax registration certificate, one of which is optional. (The copy needs to be stamped with the official seal of the unit.) Note: If you have received the "multiple certificates, one license, one code" registration certificate, you only need to copy the copy of the certificate which contains the unified social credit code and the official seal of the unit

      3Original and photocopy of valid identity document of the legal person (photocopy of the legal person's mobile phone number and the official seal of the unit);

      4Original and photocopy of the valid identity document of the person in charge(Photocopies need to be stamped with the official seal.);

      5Company address: 301, east section, building 12, yiyuan base C, xingshikou road, haidian district, Beijing;

      5.Method of handling:

      Method 1: mail to service points by express mail.

      Mode two: from your company staff to the site service place。

      Please check the detailed list of application materials before handling each unit, so as not to delay processing time。     Remarks: in order to save time, please seal the above information and send it to the email ec@powerchina.cn,Facilitate customer service personnel to prepare ahead of time。

      6. We have received your paper application and checked it correctly. We also confirm that we have completed the production of the electronic key within five working days after the remittance. We will mail the electronic key to you by express delivery。

      TWO、 Charging standard and payment method for electronic key

      1. Charge standard¥300 / handle / year

      2. Every electronic key is inUSENo time limit is allowed during the validity period. Please update the electronic key before expiration。

      3. Remittance account

      Unit name:Beijing Hua Ke Soft Technology Co., Ltd

      Account opening bank:China Construction Bank Beijing Sijiqing sub branch

      Bank account:11001054300052508439

      Company address:Floor 3, block B, Haifu international, No.22, Chegongzhuang West Road, Haidian District, Beijing

      THREE、 Contact information

      Contact information

      Admissibility time


      Electronic key processing service platform

      7x24 hour


      Online customer service QQ

      Every Monday to Friday 8:30—17:00


      4009700225 TO 12


      7x24 hour



      Every Monday to Friday 8:30—17:00


      FOUR、 Frequently asked questions

        If there are other questions, please check:http://help.bjca.org.cn/service.html

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